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- To use Matrigo, open a browser and type the following URL -
- Browsers supported are Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.

Safety Tips

Protecting Your Matrigo Login Details

- Keep your login details safe and secure, so that somebody else cannot misuse your account.
- Your password used to login should not be simple words that can be easily guessed by other people.
- It is a good idea to include a mix of numbers and characters in your password. Again use characters and numbers that are not easy for other to guess. For eg do not use your name or date of birth as the password.

Protecting Your Personal Details

- There are some site features which enable you to add more safety to your profile. Use these site features when appropriate:
    • View profile for Accepted members only
    • Password protecting photos.
    • Photos visible to accepted members only
- Never reveal personal details like your address and other sensitive details to other members.
- Reveal your phone numbers only when you are genuinely interested in a member, you have carefully gone through the member's profile, and have done some initial message exchanges.

Be Careful

- In all communications with other members, be careful about the information you reveal to other members.
- Take time to understand other members before you start revealing too much of your personal information.
- Never reveal sensitive information like your bank details or other financial account details.
- Also never reveal personal information that will allow other members to track where they can find you. These kind of information should only be revealed at later stages after you are comfortable that you know enough about the member, and are ready to take the next step which is meeting them in person.

Involving Family Members

- Indian marriages are union of two families as well. When you're decided that you want to go ahead with a member's interest, to keep things safe, involve you family members as early as possible.

Meeting In Person

- You should take proper precautions while meeting a Matrigo member in person.
- Decide to meet only after you have had sufficient level of message exchanges to get to know the member, and feel that you are ready to take the next step.
- Also make sure you decide to meet in a place that is safe. Meet in a public place, where you will have other people around you. Since you are meeting the other member for the first time, he or she is still a stranger to you, and proper care needs to be taken, especially if you've decided to meet personally with the person.

Logging Out

- You can logout of Matrigo using the logout link.
- If you are using a shared computer, we recommend you logout after using Matrigo, to prevent others from accessing your account.

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